Hospital has a Haemo Dialysis Unit which is equipped with three Braun make dialysis machines. Unit is well equipped with the support system to deal with routine dialysis and so the critical and emergency dialysis. Unit is under care of Nephrologists and two dialysis technicians. Every Day 4-6 patients receive Dialysis in the unit. All the Dialysis machines receive periodic preventive and break down maintenance. Machines have been placed under annual maintenance contract and breakdown calls are attended within 24 hours. RO water is sent for quality analysis on a program basis. RO plant has also been placed under AMC. Routine case are taken up for dialysis during day shifts only but emergency dialysis is also undertaken when necessary.

Hospital has also provided RO water points in ICU in new building on 5th, floor. This facilitates dialysis of ICU patients in ICU itself. This also ensures that even patients on ventilator support can also receive dialysis when necessary without compromising life support.At the moment, Sero Positive cases are not accepted for dialysis. Such cases are directed to other hospitals including sister hospital at Vashi.